‘Love & Hip Hop’ reunion part 2 best moments

Amina Pulls Out A Pregnancy Test

Amina Pulls Out A Surprise For Tara and Peter

The episode picks up with Mo’Nique asking Amina if she fears that she will become just like Tara. Amina feels that she already has because of the way Peter treats her. He says that he loves both women but says that he married Amina because she was an outlet for his relationship with Tara. However, he never would’ve married Amina had he known that Tara still loved him. Amina then drops a bomb on both of them when she pulls a pregnancy test out of her bra and reveals that she’s pregnant, which prompts Peter to walk off stage. Amina says that she knew that she had to leave Peter when she found out she was pregnant and Tara tells Amina that she feels sorry for her for being treated so badly.

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