Marlo Hampton denies NeNe Leakes’ ‘opportunist’ claims

 Marlo Hampton NeNe Leakes

 Marlo Hampton NeNe Leakes feud continues

Marlo Hampton and NeNe Leakes just can’t seem to stop talking about each other; Hampton is dishing on her ex-friend via a blog post. As previously reported both ladies feuded on Twitter over next Sunday’s episode that will show them arguing at a local event. Leakes threatened legal action against Hampton who apparently almost came to blows with the star.

Furthermore, NeNe recently penned a BravoTV blog and accused her former bridesmaid of being an opportunist who befriended her nemesis Kenya Moore for camera time.


“Did you see the opportunist that keeps coming around? wrote Leakes. “Did you see my friend just sit there and indirectly support this B.S.? I have worked with a lot of women over the years and the one thing that it has taught me is that life is like an elevator — on your way up, you have to let people off!” she added.

Hampton clearly caught wind of NeNe’s words and issued a response via her MusingsFromTheBoudoir blog.

“Let me start by saying that while Kenya and I are not best friends (we only met recently). I refuse to let others determine whether or not I should befriend her,” wrote Hampton. She has done nothing but support me and whenever we’re together we always have a grand ole time. I don’t need to sit in judgment of her.”


Hampton then denied Leake’s opportunist claims and hinted that her time in Hollywood might soon be coming to a close.

“I’ve been called an opportunist, often! But honestly, who among us does not take advantage of opportunities that improve the quality of our lives and allow us to realize our dreams?” she added.

“That taste of Hollywood is like fresh, sweet ice cream. The only problem is, eventually it will melt and the taste will fade leaving not even a linger of flavor,” wrote Hampton.

“Perhaps some of us should learn the meaning of humility because just like an elevator, the people you put off, might be the same ones you want to hold the door when you’re trying to get back on.”

Leakes has since responded via Twitter writing sarcastically about her “dimming lights” and an upcoming appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

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