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Tony Yayo has emo meltdown on social media, says G-Unit is over


“It was all good just a week ago…”

Just last week, Tony Yayo posted a Throwback Thursday picture on Instagram of himself, 50 Cent, and Lloyd Banks and said that the trio was “working.”


Things certainly have changed within the last week as the “So Seductive” rapper is now singing a different tune.

According to a series of tweets and Instagram comments by Yayo, the collective known as G-Unit is over. Seems something has gone terribly amiss within the group.

“50 ain’t rocking with me and Banks the same. I layed my life down for the unit but you live and you learn,” says Yayo with more than a hint of hurt.

Yayo seems to be done with the music industry and wants to “try new things.”



Shortly thereafter, Yayo took to Twitter to post the following somber messages:

photo 1

photo 2

Wow. Someone seems hurt and betrayed. There’s no telling what went down in the G-Unit house, but we know it certainly wasn’t good. We will be sure to update this ongoing saga as it continues to unfold.

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