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Fashion Fridays: Tips and styles by Haute Chic Vogue


A new season is approaching, which gives you ample reason to shop, and what better time than the present? Doing your shopping early is necessary to getting your hands on the goods. Even if you want to hold off on getting majority of your shopping done, now is the time to get the essentials.

Transitioning from winter to spring requires some lightweight layering so that you are prepared for warm weather days and cool nights. Outwear is the most important. There are a few styles that I feel will allow a smooth transition into spring and even carry you through:

– Cape

– Blazer

– Short Jacket

– Longline Jacket

These pieces allow versatility in wear as well as in warmth. Not all of them are necessary but having at least two will provide your wardrobe with some diversity. The flexibility in style with these pieces is why I feel they are essential. Their ability to be worn open or closed, and look just as stylish either way, provides a comfort in knowing that in warm or cool temperatures your outwear won’t be an issue (also, choosing neutral and/or complimenting colors is essential).

An accessory that should be considered as well is a scarf. A lightweight scarf will add to your style and preparedness. The best thing about the scarf is that it can be tied onto your handbag and worn as an accessory that way. This gives you the freedom to show off your nice spring fashion jewelry, which helps in welcoming the new season, while your jacket is left open during the warm days and gives you an extra layer to bundle up with at night.

Shoes! Let’s not forget about those. Beginning with at least one pair that rids you of the thought of boots for awhile, and are versatile in wear, will make your days seem that much brighter. A shoe that can get you through three days out of the week, in a soft palette, is a sure winner.

Following are a few looks to help jump-start some ideas about putting together a spring wardrobe. The same shoe is used for all looks to show how versatility can be attained with a great shoe, while keeping each look as complimentary as the next.

Style is all about the details. –diana owens

[Shoes] Zara

(Shoes) Zara

[Blouse] Philip Lim [Skirt] J.Crew [Short Jacket] Zara [Shoes] Zara [Handbag] Zac Zac Posen [Jewelry]

(Blouse) Philip Lim (Skirt) J.Crew (Short Jacket) Zara (Shoes) Zara (Handbag) Zac Zac Posen (Jewelry)

[Shirt] River Island [Pants] Piamita [Longline Jacket] River Island [Shoes] Zara [Handbag] Zac Zac Posen [Scarf] H&M [Jewelry]

(Shirt) River Island (Pants) Piamita (Longline Jacket) River Island (Shoes) Zara (Handbag) Zac Zac Posen (Scarf) H&M (Jewelry)

[Blouse] H&M [Jeans] TopShop [Cape] Zara [Shoes] Zara [Handbag] Zac  Zac Posen [Jewelry]

(Blouse) H&M (Jeans) TopShop (Cape) Zara (Shoes) Zara (Handbag) Zac Zac Posen (Jewelry)

[Blazer] Mango [Jumpsuit] Mango [Shoes] Zara [Handbag] Zac Zac Posen [Jewelry]

(Blazer) Mango (Jumpsuit) Mango (Shoes) Zara (Handbag) Zac Zac Posen (Jewelry)

[Blazer] Mango [Cape] Zara [Short Jacket] Zara [Longline Jacket] River Island

(Blazer) Mango (Cape) Zara (Short Jacket) Zara (Longline Jacket) River Island