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Hip-hop and the illusion of greatness


Hip-hop and the illusion of greatness and the reality of truth. The agitation can be found by the punctuation of Mimi Faust’s name the obscure fame that has come from pornography and the geography of strategically placed news releases. Hosting a pornographic celebration of achievement questions the intellectual persuasion of the entire African American community media delivery services for they too are caught in the web missing traffic due the absence of carrying foul smelling and intended content on their sites.

Eyes and eyeballs are traded every day. The more despicable, the more buffoonish, the more traffic. From gangster slaps and viscous fights, now we are invited into shower rod pornography. Posted through the day time syndicated radio personality who must not ignore the foul play being held. What value does this play in the economic progress or intellectual development of the African American community?

Is discussing, disgusting in the media landscape diluting the integrity of the African American community? Can we pause and find a reason or even have the capability to ignore the noise that is piercing through the subconscious of entire community to give nothing. Weighing the facts — does this add to the truth of humanity? The answer is no. Does this add to the economic progress if we know how much she made? The answer is no. Does this heal HIV or stop domestic violence? The answer, loudly, is no. It is not our intention to vilify those who support pornography. Now pornography finds itself front and center in the discussion of nothingness. We are not juries or judges of this woman’s integrity, but if we didn’t spread the viciousness of it, we would get out of the bedroom of so many people. We would begin to discuss how to collectively strive for a better future for our people.

Mimi may have done a good thing showing us the visual representation of brand exploitation who don’t sponsor African American vehicles, don’t hire African American graduates, don’t recruit from African American colleges yet have their products in stores and commissaries that African American support. Maybe we are too afraid to talk instead of laugh and joke about images that illustrate the illusion of grandeur. Prostitution is not just a sexual exchange it’s monetary and leads to lack of integrity.

We wonder why so many national outlets cover stories that will not reflect the history of a community? Why is there no agenda for the hip-hop community or the African American community for economic development? We sit and watch and consume images that destroy respect from others and ourselves.