Claim only the light

Today celebrate the birthday of the light of the world. In the many shapes, the higher power has appeared and it is important that you recognize that you are part of the light. This journey of life is filled with good and challenging emotional and physical experiences. The mental, physical and emotional practice we all […]

DJ D-Nice, hip-hop music, and the cultural reification of technology

Thank you, DJ D-Nice. I wanted to put on my new spring hat and maybe go to a lounge or a grown and sexy set where one of my DJ friends could be spinning.  The coronavirus and social distancing necessitated a different way for me to kick it. D-Nice supplied the necessary ammunition to quell […]

Atlanta: The center of Black thought, artistry and entrepreneurship

Atlanta is a bastion of Black intellectual capital cultivated in music, business and centers of higher education, including Spelman College, Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse College. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. hailed from Atlanta and attended Morehouse, where he studied under African American intellectuals like Benjamin E. Mays and forged a relationship with a spiritual […]

The power of the African American republic

Based on our numbers and buying power, African Americans are bigger than some countries in the world. As such, we cannot afford to see ourselves strictly as individuals. We must also see ourselves collectively, as our own republic with its own economy, leadership and agenda. In an African American republic, everyone must participate. That means […]

Happy Mother’s Day to the mother of all mothers

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who have made sacrifices to help their children achieve their wildest dreams. To those who have cultivated loving relationships and created phenomenal human beings, thank you. This sentiment is seldom shared consistently and is often only expressed annually, even though it should happen daily, hourly, every second, even […]

Are you using technology and innovation for the betterment of our society?

Technology continues to aid human communication, recording our lives with each other and adding meaning. Most of us use technology to record who we are, how we perceive ourselves and where our interests are. Unfortunately, these images can then be used as sales tactics to further our consumption. In this way, while technology can be […]

Relationships cost; are yours profitable?

What do relationships cost? Understanding this value-driven proposition proves to be a viable tool in time and financial management. Some relationships are profitable and others are unprofitable. Do you live a profitable reality? Are you engaging in profitable conversations? It’s time we discern the true cost of our relationships and associations. We must take the […]

African American History Month reflects genius, illuminates culture

Black History Month and Black History Atonement Month signify progression of the mind, spirit and soul of the African American community’s journey in America. Even for those who prefer the term African American History Month, it’s also a month of shame and blame for those who profited from the accomplishments of African Americans. During African […]

Purpose eliminates failure

Fear is a liar to those who have a purpose. Fear is the denial of all purposeful dreams. Fear is the liar that will tell you that your ego is right every single day so that you are constantly dismayed. Fear is an agenda that means easing God out of the ego and understanding that […]

RIDE to success with Toyota, Microsoft and the Atlanta Hawks

The Rolling Out Innovation Digital Entertainment Conference (RIDE) is the city’s first ever film, TV, gaming, music and digital media summit and the ideal platform to meet and engage with the power players. Dubbed #RIDEcon17, it will gather brilliant and bright innovators, elite speakers, key industry influencers, nascent entrepreneurs, investors and hackers. It also presents […]

The success lane is where you want to end up riding in life

Riding in the success lane will allow you to fulfill your dreams during the time that you have on this Earth. The trail of success left by songwriters and athletes, whether it’s winning a Grammy or the Super Bowl, and it’s easy to track those kinds of accomplishments. Jay-Z dropped his 4:44 album and the industry exploded […]

AT&T, Morgan Stanley and Toyota setting the standard for service

Rolling out provides information to the multicultural community that allows its members to benefit from that access. We strive to create an environment in which community leaders, the business community, and creative groups can work together for the greater good. Having valuable partners like AT&T, Morgan Stanley and Toyota enriches the community in many ways. AT&T […]

Sheroes abound at Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit

The shero is alive and well. We congratulate Caroline V. Clarke, editorial director of the Women of Power Summit, who leads the Black Enterprise team in showcasing examples of greatness. We also congratulate other women who are leading corporations and creating a unified voice. The 12th annual Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit was held Thursday, March […]

Jeezy and Solange create movements that demonstrate Black lives matter

For those who know the root of trap music understand Jeezy’s value to the Southern rap subgenre. At the dawn of this sound, which was birthed in the ‘90s, the artist movement had one goal — achieve financial success. The algorithm was simple: introduce a unique sound to the record label, blend it with grind […]

Colin Kaepernick and Kerry James Marshall protest oppression of Black Americans

Colin Kaepernick and Kerry James Marshall protest the same thing, in similar ways. Both seek to bring attention to oppression facing Black people in America using their platforms. Both the pro-baller and painter seem to call out the concept of patriotism in a nation where their people are oppressed. Moreover, how can a Black person pledge […]

Jesse Jackson fights to end discrimination against Blacks in Silicon Valley

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, civil rights icon and champion of human rights for all, has remained committed in his fight to end discrimination against Black people in the affluent tech stronghold known as Silicon Valley. Recently, the Silicon Valley tech summit stretched from the Hewlett-Packard headquarters in Palo Alto to downtown San Francisco at the […]

We need Black intelligence

[jwplatform IJoyB5P8] We need more Black intelligence to  build up our wealth as a community of African-Americans striving to be the best. Unfortunately, much of the information shared within the community (in reality and online) lacks true intelligence and it fails to inspire others. This communication can’t help us lift our economic circumstances nor lead to […]

Prom images reflect hip-hop generation parenting gone right or wrong

When you ask bank executive Irvin J. Ashford how he feels about his son Nassim Ashford’s presentation during prom, he answers, “Proud. I try to be a role model and simply, I want him to thrive.” The absence of culture is demeaning the value of our community. We must realize that our culture is what […]

Let’s not forget Bankroll Fresh and the plight of young Blacks

The loss of Bankroll Fresh is still on our minds. The destruction of African American males is still assailing our community. Our hearts grieve, our eyes pour out a river of sorrow. Mothers cry out to God in their grief. And yet, despite the display of extreme emotional pain, we soon forget. The tears flow for […]