We need Black intelligence

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We need more Black intelligence to  build up our wealth as a community of African-Americans striving to be the best. Unfortunately, much of the information shared within the community (in reality and online) lacks true intelligence and it fails to inspire others. This communication can’t help us lift our economic circumstances nor lead to us better understanding emerging fields where profit is high. We need more intelligent ideas that will do this. This is especially true in media and STEM fields.

In India and China and every other programming nation this is understood. For example, all understand that digital technology app development, healthcare system development, and architecture will yield great profits in the future.

We need people in our community who are forward thinking like this. Who are smart and have the ability to step forward to inspire more Black people and run this country. We need more Black intellectuals who are looking into the future and unafraid to be innovative and creative, using their brains to develop artificial intelligence and the valuable proposition of space colonization. They will build upon these ideas and inspire more job creation within the economy.

When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said he had a dream and he wanted us all to sit at a table ,that was not a table for us to eat at. We need to contribute to the meal. Benefit from the serving of the meal. To create and innovate.

Dr. King and other great men learned from Booker T. Washington, who would want engineers to be 40 percent of our community, doctors to be another 30 percent of our community, businessmen and women to be another 20 percent of our community, artist probably 10 percent of our community, and our entire community to be known for its creation and invention and innovation of patents of software. Moreover, if King’s dream were a reality, we would be giants of publicly traded companies, not simply consumers.

It is the ability to create new programs, it is the ability to have an invention, get patents that is the future of our entire community. It is the ownership of buildings, it is the ownership of taking companies public, it is the ownership of inventions that will propel us. It is the ownership of green companies, it is the ownership of healthcare companies that will drive us into the future with great wealth.

Most important is us getting ahead of this technology and social media. We are the consumers. We must be the innovators, as well. Our intellectuals should lead us in making Black emojis, apps, and virtual technology.

Our community must begin to dialogue about this. We must demand more. We need more Black intellectuals.


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