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Apollo Nida’s co-conspirator, Gayla St. Julien, releases statement on her sentencing?


Apollo Nida’s co-conspirator Gayla St. Julien allegedly releases statement 

Gayla St. Julien, the woman whose admitted to helping Apollo Nida commit wire and bank fraud, has seemingly released a statement on her five-year prison sentence. As previously reported, the glamorous Atlantan who confessed that she and Nida worked together to collect nearly $3 million in stolen funds was sentenced to 61 months behinds bars.

Now Reality Tea has been given a statement from a woman identifying herself as St. Julien’s goddaughter, allegedly written by Nida’s self proclaimed “right hand b—-” herself.

“To all the people who hide behind keyboards with negative comments and opinions; to the individuals who know nothing of my life or struggles: Apollo sat in the back of Judge Pannells’ court room [I saw] the look of fear on his face awaiting my fate, which will soon be his fate,” St. Julien allegedly wrote. “As of April 23, 2014 was a day of new beginnings for me. I took full responsibility for my actions. I did not testify against Apollo.”


According to the “goddaughter” who made the statement public, St. Julien noted that she and Nida considered each other “best friends” and she helped the reality TV star cover up “lots of affairs.” Ultimately, however he abandoned her when the federal authorities became involved.

“Eight months ago, I did assist the secret service in only holding Apollo accountable for his part in the crimes,” reads the statement. “Apollo and I have a very long history together; we often referred to each other as best friends. I protected, kept Apollo secrets, covered up lots of affairs and when his mother lay fighting the battle against AIDS at St. Saint Joseph hospital, I was the one he called. We cried together and prayed together Apollo made a promise to me that he would support me if the inevitable ever happened. Two weeks prior to the inevitable happening, I was made aware of my arrest,  I went to him and he abandoned me. With a husband and children, I faced this head on; I wasn’t going to run. On that fateful day I already knew I was on my own.”


The statement also makes note of Phaedra Parks and seems to hint at her alleged involvement. “I kept your wife out of this,” the incarcerated fraudster allegedly wrote.

“On September 11, 2013 I simply chose my life and family over Apollo,” St. Julien allegedly wrote. “While Apollo cooperated with the secret service Apollo had the audacity to imply that my husband of three months was somehow involved in our crimes. Nothing could be further from the truth. APOLLO IF YOU READ THIS — I KEPT YOUR WIFE OUT OF THIS —SOMEONE HAS TO STAY AND CARE FOR THE CHILDREN; LET’S LEAVE IT AT THAT!!!!!!!,” she’s said to add.

The statement, which St. Julien’s family now says was written under “extreme duress” also refutes author Angela Stanton’s claims that Phaedra Parks was the mastermind of a car theft ring.

“I don’t believe her book to be accurate,” St. Julien allegedly wrote. “As it pertains to Everett, Phaedra, or Apollo ‘Everybody knows Phaedra is no mastermind.’

“Everybody knows why Apollo married Phaedra,”she’s said to add.


Her family has since released a lengthy “official statement” attempting to clean up the original alleged note.

“There have been reports of an official statement made by Gayla,” wrote the co-conspirator’s family. “She remains incarcerated and has no access to the internet or media.”

Neither Phaedra nor Apollo have spoken on her alleged statement from behind bars.

The statement from Gayla St. Julien’s family can be read here.

-danielle canada

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