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Jay Ellis dishes on his background and philanthropy

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Jay Ellis dishes on his pre-acting days and his work with Miracles for Kids

Jay Ellis is more than a Hollywood hunk. He’s an actor with a sound mind and a heart for philanthropy. After moving to Los Angeles and eventually nabbing the role as Lauren London’s on-screen lover on “The Game,” this thespian made it a point to give back; a lesson he says he learned from his parents.

“I think you can’t just take from this world. I’ve been blessed to have parents, who from a very young age, were very steadfast in teaching me [that] they wouldn’t be here if someone hadn’t given back to them,” said Ellis. “No matter what my situation is, I feel like it’s the least I can do. Love and compassion go far beyond any physical thing we can take or garnish from our success.”

He also specifically named Miracles for Kids, a nonprofit that benefits children with life-threatening illnesses, as one in particular that fulfills his need to give back.

“[There are] A couple of the nonprofits that I work with; one’s called Miracles for Kids and we do just that. These kids have terminal illnesses or they’ve gotten over illnesses, I wanna say, against all odds. We go in, we provide gifts for the kids, we bring them toys and we do play dates.”

Check out our chat with Jay Ellis below. –danielle canada