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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 4 best moments

Rasheeda Confronts Kirk & Jasmine

Kirk’s Nanny Plans Backfire

Now that Kirk knows that Carter is his, he definitely wants to get a nanny so that Rasheeda can get back to work. However, it seems like he’s looking for more than just a nanny when he offers the job to a cute waitress named Jasmine from his favorite bar. Kirk brings Jasmine to his home to meet Rasheeda and Carter, but when Rasheeda walks in and sees Jasmine holding her baby she’s immediately angry. Jasmine tells Rasheeda that Kirk told her they were separated and Rasheeda asks Jasmine to leave. Rasheeda tells Kirk that it looks like he’s trying to bring a mistress in their home and she refuses to allow Jasmine back, saying that Kirk is a dummy for thinking she’d be down with his idea.


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