Marjorie Harvey launches ‘The Lady Loves Couture’ blog

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Marjorie Harvey  is not only a mother and wife of TV and radio talk show host, Steve Harvey, she is a businesswoman, and recently launched a blog; The Lady Loves Couture.  Her site focuses on fashion, hair, beauty, couture, lush life and also highlights a gents club section. As an added bonus, she posts photos about her travels all over the world. In her introduction, she states:

“Welcome to The Lady Loves Couture! It has always been a dream of mine to combine my love for high fashion, with my passion for people, in a meaningful way. There is something wonderful about celebrating life (and it’s many occasions) with a distinct sense of style. Many would agree, looking your best and feeling your best maximizes the sentiment/excitement one feels during life’s most memorable moments. Whether fair or not, how we look always makes a statement. Those of us who speak style fluently, intrinsically know this and often use our wardrobe to express how we are feeling a particular day or moment. We even use fashion to tell our story, understanding long before any word is ever uttered our image says it all!”

Marjorie sought out celeb photographer Robert Ector, make up artist, Jason McGlothin, and hair stylist, Dawn White, for the photos for her blog launch. Check out more fashion photos of Marjorie in the gallery below. -Joi Pearson @joiapearson

Photos by Robert Ector

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