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Angie Stone hints that her boyfriend did cheat on her



Last week, Angie Stone made a shocking exit from the “R&B Divas Atlanta” reunion and announced to the world that she was walking away from the show after only two seasons because of the constant drama. Now, a rep for Stone is speaking out on her departure from the show and explaining why Stone decided to quit.

Throughout much of this past season on “R&B Divas,” Stone was portrayed as the semi-villain of the cast with a lot of the camera attention being honed on her feuds with Syleena Johnson and Monifah, as well as her relationship issues with her boyfriend-manager, Ashanti.

Stone’s rep, Kali Bowyer, recently spoke with RumorFix about the drama and explained that Stone refused to be cast in a negative light by TV One anymore.

“[Angie Stone] walked away from the reality TV show “R&B Divas: Atlanta due to the lack of professionalism on behalf of production crew and she did not want to associate herself with that type of behavior and tricks of the trade. She was to be the voice of reason brought on under false pretenses and after speaking and consulting with pastor and church, it was not something she choose to allow in her life,” said Bowyer.

“My personal relationships with — first my God — and any man is a private and respectful institution and will not be drug through the mud,” said Stone about her departure.

Since quitting, rumors have been spreading that one of the show’s employees was having an affair with Ashanti and that Stone has since fired and broken up with Ashanti over the affair.

Bowyer addresses the rumors in her statement and hints that the affair was in fact a real thing, saying that TV One’s employees were guilty of “crossing the line of professionalism … Pursuing a man who is in a committed relationship is disturbing on a multitude of levels.”

“Stone has been in this business for some 30 plus years, and will not allow anyone to attempt to tarnish her career or reputation, bottom line!” she added.

The report claims that Stone is now managed by Waka Flocka Flame’s mother, Deb Antney, who stars alongside her son on another drama-filled reality show, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Considering the way Stone’s image was slowly becoming tainted like past “R&B Diva” villains Nicci Gilbert and Kelly Price, we can understand why she backed away before fans turned on her as well. – nicholas robinson


  1. butterbeansuga on July 16, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    yeah nene and porsha and phedra aint got nothing to loose .. they are all loosers , thats why bravo keep them on … but ANGIE DID RIGHT , ITS TIME TO PACK UP AND GO .. ONCE YOUR FAMILY STRUCTURE IS SHAKEN .. AND PEOPE START LABELING YOU AS DIVA … THAT IS WHY THEY CALL THE SHOW DIVA .. ALL THE WOMEN ARE HARD TO GET ALONG WITH IN NORMAL SETTINGS SO ITS LIKE PUTTING PIT BULS IN ARING TOGEETHER TO GET RATINGS AND GOSSIP FLOWING … ANGIE IS A STAR SHE CAN SING LIKE MARIAH .. AN SHE AINT WORRIED ABOUT NOTHING .. I KNEW ANGIE WAS MAKING A mistake with ashanti when she was bringing him food to the bed … if i learned anything about men , you never bring them food to the bed unless its fathers day … or they sick … this old sick eyed man ashanti looks like a dog and angie knows he cheated on her in the pass thats why she left him the first time .. some women are not as strong as they seem … she is weak behind him thats all she need to draw some strength and move forward he aint worth all this drama … pick up your baggage claim angie and drop it at the salvation army please dont falll for what he gonna tell you … he gonna say it was not his fault and someone is trying to ruin her reputation … he was managing her , and YALL I ALWAYS SAID THE WIFE MANAGER THING IS A NAIL IN THE COFFIN OF A MARRIAGE .. YOU WILL FAIL HUGHLY …YOU HAVE TO HAVE TIME AWAY SO TRUST CAN BUILD UP ….. ASHANIT WAS NOT TRUSTED FROM JUMP THAT IS WHY ANGIE ALLOWED HIM TO MANAGE SO SHE COULD WATCH HIM…… ITS LIKE A PAINTER GIVING HIS WIFE A PAINT BRUSH AND HAVEING HER GO ON JOBS WITH HIM AND SHE DONT EVEN LIKE IT .. LOL …. GET A LIFE YALL

    • Cynthia on July 19, 2014 at 1:50 pm

      I must admit I saw a side of Angie Stone that I could lived without seeing. But come on what do people expect when they do reality TV? People think it’s a time to shine but it’s the opposite you look desperate for fame and come up. I often find myself feeling embarrassed for them. I’ll be glad when this phase of black buffoonery TV is over and we can get back to real TV and real talent. #HBO#Showtime#Netflix

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