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‘Single Ladies’ LisaRaye McCoy gets baptized


LisaRaye McCoy gets baptized

Former Players Club actress LisaRaye McCoy gets baptized! While this may seem a bit random, you may recall that McCoy has been linked to a variety of members of the cloth, including Rev. Al Sharpton, in an effort to get her life on the right track.

Accoring to S2S Magazine,

On Tuesday, the “Single Ladies” star was baptized by pastor Touré Roberts of One Church International. She later shared her experience via Instagram with an intimate video clip of her memorable experience.

She wrote…

“Soooo I’d like to share this: Tues evening at my home I celebrated w/ my friends and family getting Baptised by my @onechurchla pastor @toureroberts and it was amazing. I was so full and now wanting to serve you w/some encouragement to believe, conquer & receive Peace and blessings. #faith #truth #liferocks ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE. …..”

McCoy’s baptism follows shortly after the former model took a vow of celibacy. Can the church say amen? – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie


  1. butterbeansuga on August 7, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    she is so mixxed up in the head first she start posting videos of her self in bikinis , then she dated a downlow rev . then she started being friends with al sharpton who worshipped a woman beater JAMES BROWN .. then she gets baptized while crying just to put on her instagram . do anyone do anything anymore without trying to prove why they did it …. if you go to the bathroom you dont take no one with you why ? cause only you can tolerate your own okkk .. lisa raye need to sit down somewhere , she seem fake and contrived like her mission is to get attention, she is cute , she got a banging body , now thats not enough for her cause she has gotten so much bad press for going to the islands marrying that thief she cool she just need to chill and be normal sometimes stop playing the reality show game . with these greedy networks they will sell jesus if they can to get someone to tune in …. lisa raye is about as greed y a jayz

  2. Camille renshaw on August 8, 2014 at 2:06 pm

    I think that’s wonderful !! It’s so hard to put it out their when there are so many people waiting for u to mess up so that they can point out how human u are. Congrats Lisa Raye!!!