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Radio host Star slams Snoop Dogg for ‘whiteface’ gag


Rapper Snoop Dogg debuted a new alter-ego this weekend on Instagram, a white character named “Todd.” In a series of Instagram posts, Snoop —as “Todd” — promoted a site called and listed his hobbies as crocheting and paintball.

Star, radio host of the online show “Star: Live and Direct,” blasted the hip-hop superstar for what he called a “racist” joke and indicated that the public should criticize the rapper.

“Today is, just how racist is Snoop Doggy Dogg Friday? He’s gotten a pass long enough,” Star said. “I haven’t really went in on him — pause — like I have other people. There’s no particular reason why I haven’t, he just doesn’t affect me. I don’t take him seriously. He’s not a pimp. I’ve never really had an issue. I never gave a f— about his music. What is it he did with Dr. Dre? The Chronic. The Chronic was banging. “Gin and Juice” was my s—. But after that, I couldn’t name one f—— Snoop Dogg track if you gave me a million dollars. I don’t know what the f— he did down at Priority Records. I have no concept. But, n—- you need to pump the f—-beakes. He’s now painting his face white, wearing a white wig, running around calling himself ‘Todd.’ N—-, what the f— are you doing? People are down in motherf—— Ferguson, Missouri, this is the pulse of the nation right now. He picks this time to come out with some stupid s—. He’s got some corny people around him, amping him up, smiling.”

Star slammed the idea that black people can’t be racist and also called out actor Nick Cannon.

“Now, there are many people who say, ‘Black people cannot be racist,’” he said. “I think Black people are some of the most racist people on the planet. I’m a biracial racist, race baiter. That’s me g–d—-. Nick Cannon just did some white face dumb s— and people were like, ‘N—-, kill yourself, we don’t give a f— how much money you got.’ I wanna go in today on this n—- Snoop.

“I can’t sit here as an objectivist and give Snoop Doggy Dogg a f—– pass,” he added. “I can’t do it … white person puts on blackface, they come down on them, should Snoop Doggy Dogg get a pass? Or is it just fun? Why is a n—- of that caliber doing that dumb s—?”

“Just how racist is Snoop Dogg? I encourage White people to call in today. Don’t just assume because I’m a man of color that I’m gonna take the side of people of color. I think the mainstream press should come down on this n—- like a ton of bricks.”


  1. 4cHairChick on September 1, 2014 at 11:34 am

    Seems to me he might have been calling attention to a larger issue. I’m curious how much history Star really knows. Has he taken an african american studies class? Does he understand the reason why “black people can’t be racist?” It would be nice if people did more research before mouthing off. Educate yourself and understand the why of both sides before weighing. These emotional outbursts create more problems than they solve.

  2. Soulflower on September 3, 2014 at 10:32 am

    Equally important to me is the fact that we continue to expect entertainers to be talented, politically savvy and spokespersons for all that we deem significant and important in the Black community today. If each individual does all he or she can to improve conditions in their home, community and political arena (i.e. vote, don’t just complain about what’s wrong) I believe African Americans could be a force for change in the world.