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Treach talks about the possibility of a gay rapper, questions Lord Jamar


As homophobia has become a major topic of discussion in hip-hop over recent years, several veteran rap stars have offered their perspective on the possibility of an openly gay rapper emerging at some point. Some, such as Lord Jamar and Erick Sermon, have been dismissive or critical of the notion; while others, such as Buckshot and Eve, have felt that there’s room in the game for everybody. Treach, of Naughty By Nature, was recently asked for his take on the subject.

“I mean, in this day and age it’s—I can’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no,'” Treach told VladTV. “It all depends on—Like you’ll never think it would be somebody in professional football that can come out and let it be known of their lifestyle like that. And then still be accepted. So, like I said, it’s all [foreseen]. The future unfolds many things. Maybe.”

Treach went on to address Lord Jamar’s dismissive comments towards gays in hip-hop.

“I mean, some people say it don’t have no place in society,” he said. “But then it’s like how can you say that? Me, I live my life the way I do. And I let God judge anybody else the way they do it. I look at people as people first. You know what I mean? I don’t care what they do on they own time or whatever else. I have friends, people I grew up with, colleagues, work. I don’t care. If they’re gay that’s their business. They some of the hardest workers I know. And some of the most loyal that I see. That I do business with. So, it’s like people are people. What you do on your own time that’s that. For anybody to judge, don’t cast the first stone. That’s what I say.”