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‘Hairnista’ Africa Miranda on natural hair and being fabulous

Africa Screenshot

Crème of Nature brand ambassador, Bravo TV personality and “The Lipstick Junkies” co-creator, Africa Miranda, recently spoke to rolling out at the Family Dollar Fabulous Event in NYC about interacting on social media, being fabulous and how going natural changed her life.

How long have you been the brand ambassador?

I’ve actually been the brand ambassador it’s been since June of this year when the announcement was made. It’s been great because as a hair model Crème of Nature is where I started my career a few years ago. You know how it is your first big job, my first time on a billboard, in a magazine. So to have my career grow and now represent the brand is so awesome.

You are in every magazine, always in the first three pages or so. Do you pick every magazine up and just collect them?

Yes, I do. I have no shame. I have them all.

How do you pick a good product for your hair?

We’ve got the best brand. What it is for me it’s really about having something with good ingredients and also brands that really celebrate women. I’m just someone and I tell people girl power isn’t just a cute thing in a song. I really love a brand that celebrates women and you can see in the advertisements here Crème of Nature always has women of all shades, all hair textures and really for women of all races no matter your texture the products can work for you. They’re sulfate free. The conditioning treatments are great. I tell people whether you’re weaved, wigged, natural or relaxed they’re great products and can work for you.

Africa, many people would see you and say, “look at her she has good hair.” What’s good hair to you?

Good hair is healthy hair.  I’m from the south so I definitely grew up hearing the good hair, bad hair thing. I tell people I still have to put edge control on and tie my hair up at night. So I don’t know what that means but for me good hair is healthy hair and just what feels good for you so if that means putting in some clip ins or doing a sew in or rocking a wash and go, if it feels good for you, that is good hair.

Have you been natural your whole life?

I have not. Honey, I had a relaxer from sixth grade up until adulthood. I’ve been natural now for about almost six years.

Is it a great decision for your or are you sometimes wanting to get back into the cream (relaxer)?

I tell people that changing my hair literally changed my life. I ended up having the hair that I always wanted because when I was relaxed I would always try to add curls. Now I can wear it straight and if I wet it. I can have big hair and from my career standpoint people know me as the girl with the hair, so going natural changed my life.

You have become a fan favorite on Instagram. How has social media changed your life?

Social media has been very interesting. You know before the show on Bravo you have a couple thousand followers but life changes for you when people can see you on a show and comment, good and bad.  It’s a great way to interact with people that I would never get to meet on the street but they can say hey on Instagram and we can follow each other. Then when I’m out people say hey! We take a selfie and post it on the page. It’s a great way to connect.

Selfie tips?

Selfie tips? You have to practice.  This is where people knock Kim Kardashian but I will say she has practiced her selfie game. It’s all about finding your angles finding the light, make the cheek bones pop but not too many duck lips, like that kind of wears people out.

What is fabulosity to you? How are you fabulous?

Being fabulous is really just saying you know what I feel great. I’m amazing. I don’t need anyone to validate that for me and I feel good. I’m going to just be that, and do and show it and own it. So is being Family Dollar Fabulous.