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Marian Y. Woods, My Girlfriends Inc.

Marian Woods Marian Y. Woods, known as Lady Propel, is founder and CEO of My Girlfriends Inc., a nonprofit providing development opportunities for women finding themselves in a proverbial holding pattern, unable to advance. She is also founder and host of Propel Women’s Empowerment Symposium and Expo, an annual personal, professional and leadership development event. Woods has more than 24 years of experience in human resources, management and leadership development.

“My thoughts on being a powerful woman are derived from one of my favorite Scriptures, Proverbs 31. I believe that a powerful woman has an unwavering confidence that enables her to be firm, yet flexible; resolute, yet vulnerable; strong, yet submissive. A powerful woman is empowering to others and able to carry the weight of the world, while simultaneously accepting nurturing treatment from her loved ones,” Woods shares.