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Was Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan’s split peaceful?

Gloria Govan & Matt Barnes - RO Cover

Earlier this month, news spread that Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes had quietly separated and were likely headed for divorce. And although Govan recently claimed that things are peaceful between she and Barnes, sources are now saying otherwise.

This week, Govan spoke with TMZ reporters about her split from Barnes and she claimed that everything was amicable.

“Yeah, we’re definitely amicable. We have kids, so we’re definitely friends,” Govan explained.

And when asked whether she and Barnes would ever reunite, Govan said that “I’m not opposed to anything. I’m not a fortune teller, so I’m not gonna talk about the future because I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I’m just living in the present and we’re good right now.”

However, sources are claiming otherwise, saying that the split was anything but amicable. As previously reported, trust issues were rumored to be at the heart of the split and sources say that Barnes is the one who doesn’t trust Govan and that he split with her because of it.

The sources say that a reunion is the last thing on Barnes’ mind and that he’s only focused on co-parenting their twin sons.

Well, we wouldn’t be surprised if this reality TV relationship bites the dust like so many before it. – nicholas robinson