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Verizon’s ‘Unplugged’ music series signals good times


Good energy is contagious. Smiling faces. Warm hugs. Welcoming spirits. Celebratory acts.

When you walk into a room and you’re greeted by any of the above, it has a tendency to draw you in regardless of how you feel. You’ve got to be in an extra dark space, or working really hard to reject everything coming your way, to not be influenced by good energy.

The people at Verizon are working to master this concept. And just as seamlessly as a signal moves from a tower to a phone, the good will of a corporation working to provide good service and entertainment is a great way to connect.

WVON’s Unplugged series, sponsored by Verizon Wireless is an example of how this is done right. Check out the gallery to see how smiles are created.