In Chicago, ‘We Love Soul’ is a household name


You can’t front on a good time. Good people and good energy are infectious to the point that even the most stodgy of the stodgy has to crack a smile every once in a while. When you add good music to the mix, sometimes you just can’t help yourself. Your leg gets to kicking … your head gets to nodding … your eyes start to close … and suddenly you are transported to a time and space that psychotherapists like to call your “happy place.” For Chicagoans seeking soul on a pre-New Year’s Eve bash,”The Promontory” became that happy place. And the energy of good music infected every person in the building.

Maybe it was the energy that the people brought with them. Or maybe it was simply the holiday spirit that captures our attention this time of year. Regardless of what we might have thought it was, Sean Alvarez, Joe Kollege, DJ Kwest_on, and the birthday boy, Duane Powell, were able to massage the eardrums of this sophisticated, soulful crowd in a way that elicited actions from every part of their bodies. Drinks, toasts, smiles and laughter ruled the night, creating an atmosphere that one visitor from New York noted as, “in terms of the music and the energy in the room, this is one of the best parties I’ve ever been to.” Phonte of the Foreign Exchange/Lil’ Brother fame mastered the ceremonies, working with the We Love Soul team to provide all of us with a blueprint on how to master a good time. Check the pics for the people in the place.

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