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Unknown undercover agents incite violence, pull guns on protesters in Oakland



Things are heating up all over the country with protests against police abuse and demonstrators remembering Eric Garner and Mike Brown. In Oakland, California,  last night a crowd of protesters witnessed two suspicious looking men observing members of the press and people taking pictures. According to witnesses the men had their face covered with bandannas and were encouraging people in the crowd to become violent. One protester stated that they were undercover cops and pulled off the bandanna of one of the men. What followed next was a frighting encounter, as both men pulled guns and began to arrest people.





According to the Oakland Police Department, the men were not Oakland police but were from another unknown agency.  Lt. Chris Bolton of the Oakland Police Dept tweeted the following messages to the public:




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  1. alg1052 on December 12, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    This confirms the conspiracy in an effort to inflame racial violence by the powers that be. The media is in on it. They report police violence against Blacks but fail to report it when Whites are victims. There is a larger agenda here!