Trim the tree with Lloyd Boston and Family Dollar


Lloyd Boston teams up with Family Dollar to offer stylish and affordable pointers for decorating your mantle and Christmas tree.

The holiday mantle is such an important part of celebrating holiday traditions. Now for me, I didn’t have a mantle for many years and always took pride in creating a space that felt like one. I found thee gorgeous led candles from Family Dollar. Now they’re two for $10 but what I love about them is that they have a wax coating so they look like authentic candles even though it’s a soft electronic flicker; take a look it also has battery operated power as well as a timer so they’ll shut off when you forget about them.

You know even with modern decorating you want a little touch of classic holiday spirit.Nutcrackers are a great way to go. Take a look at this gorgeous nutcracker, six dollars at family dollar but you’d never guess with all these gorgeous details from the faux diamonds on the top the grey hair around the edges and I love the shimmery gold details picking up on the modern chromatic theme we are doing across the mantle piece.

Thinking of the mantle area it always kind of comes near the Christmas tree so I love this faux tree from Family Dollar.Thinking of tree also thinking of the high style moment of holiday decorating monochromatic is a cool way to go. Now you may choose a multi-color tree that’s fantastic but if you want to turn heads in the neighborhood go for all one color and all one color lighting. Here, I chose gold and all of these gorgeous varied ornaments start at a dollar and up.  They have a very sophisticated feel but you could actually buy more then you normally would because they are so great on your pocketbook.

I love this detail as well this is actually a faux flower that we snipped from the stem and wrapped a cord around the tree branch so it adds dimensions so you don’t just have ornaments after ornaments. I love a tree skirt that has some personality but what about a chic one this season? This is a great window panel that you would never expect to use as a Christmas tree skirt but the fact that we are doing it monochromatically.You might not want to do red or green here nothing traditional keep it all chic from the stem to the tip of the tree. When the trees are as affordable as they are at Family Dollar why only buy one? You can buy extra trees and put them out front, out back, all around the house so a stylish holiday tree would not be complete without the coolest toys of the season and I love the fact that you can give more by spending less because these are each $5. I love this complete look under a tree that’s beautifully decorated and the kids will have a great time as well.”

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