7 electric and hybrid cars that will save you money


Not so long ago, a car that ran on electricity, alternative fuels or a combination of gas and electricity was pure science fiction — existing only in the minds of very creative screenwriters. Anyone who claimed that they could make a car run on anything other than straight up gasoline, was considered to be a little off. Fast forward to the present day, and science fiction has become science fact. With gas prices usually on the uptick, hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming more and more important. Smart buyers are looking to get the best bang for the buck; so here are a few electric and hybrid vehicles that will stretch that mileage and save a lot of money over time:

  1. Toyota Prius: A lot of cracks have been made about the Prius being the “nerd mobile,” and a car for “tree-huggers,” but when that Prius can bypass the gas station for a week (while you have to stop every other day), the joke is not really on them. It’s not the fastest or prettiest thing on the market, but averaging more than 40 miles to the gallon makes it a big winner for your pocketbook.
  2. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: The Sonata ranks pretty high on fuel savings, though not quite as high as the Prius. But there is a big caveat here — the Sonata Hybrid is a hot looking ride. Just like most things in life, it’s a little bit of a trade-off.
  3. Ford Fusion Hybrid: With stepped-up styling, the Fusion Hybrid is a fuel efficient ride that comes complete with Ford’s new high-tech infotainment system; making it a really cool vehicle.
  4. Toyota Avalon Hybrid: Making a second appearance on this list, Toyota brings it big time with their upscale Avalon Hybrid. Though the sticker is a bit higher, the reduced fuel costs could help to balance it out.
  5. Ford C-Max Hybrid: If you need a little extra room in a hybrid car, and can master Ford’s high-tech infotainment system, the C-Max might be the one for you. It offers gas mileage rivaling the Toyota Prius, and has the agility that most hybrids in its class lack.
  6. Nissan Leaf: The Leaf is as green as they come (it’s an all-electric vehicle), but don’t think that it lacks get up and go. Charge this baby up and let her rip — right past all the gas guzzlers waiting in line for high-priced fuel.
  7. Kia Optima Hybrid: You can have all of the sharp style points of the Optima in a hybrid that get some of the best city gas mileage available in its class. You’d be hard-pressed to even find another hybrid in this class that gives you this level of finishes inside and out.
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