Ray J’s 911 call for Princess Love released


Last month, “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Princess Love startled fans and her boyfriend, Ray J, when she threatened to commit suicide after Ray broke up with her.Aalthough the story died down shortly after Princess apologized for the scare, Princess’s suicide scare is back in the spotlight now that Ray’s 911 phone call for Princess has been released.

TMZ released the audio from the 911 call yesterday and during the phone conversation with the 911 dispatcher, Ray details how the shocking incident began.

“I need help. My girlfriend, she threatened to kill herself. She’s at the house. I left the house because I’ve gotta go to work. She’s threatening to kill herself because I’m telling her that she made me mad and I wanna end the relationship,” says Ray.

Ray then explains to the dispatcher that he’s worried about Princess because of the suicide-murder of his friend, Earl Hayes, who shot and killed himself and his wife, “Hit The Floor” actress Stephanie Moseley.

“One of my close friends just killed his girlfriend and just killed himself two days [ago]. We [are] all stunned about it. Now she’s threatening to kill herself because I wanna do my thing and be away. She keeps saying ‘just know that I wanna see you in heaven.’ So I just decided to call 911.”

Ray then reveals another shocker, saying that he was afraid for his own safety in dealing with Princess.

“I’m not about to run back over there and try to save you and you shoot me! I went back over there right now to try to find the gun that she got and she won’t show me. I was gonna try to take the clip out of the gun,” Ray explained.

“I didn’t wanna be in the house because Earl just killed his girlfriend, I’m thinking she might kill me first,” Ray added.

We’re glad that Princess didn’t go through with her threat, but from the sounds of this 911 call, as well as their heated fights on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” it seems like Ray and Princess have an extremely volatile relationship that might one day still end in shock or tragedy. Perhaps these two should consider counseling before things go too far because no one wants to see harm come to either of them.


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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