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5 horrific modern-day lynchings of Blacks in America

 James Craig Anderson

James Anderson



On March 19, 2015, Otis Byrd, 54, was found hanging from a tree in Port Gibson, Mississippi. The FBI and Mississippi Bureau of Investigation are investigating the incident, and the NAACP is asking the Justice Department to get involved.

Although racial lynching is often viewed as a thing of the past, there have been several cases where Blacks have been lynched in modern times.

Here are five horrific modern-day lynchings of Black people by the hands of racists.


In 2008, Brandon McClelland was with Shannon Finley and Charles Crostley in Paris, Texas. At some point, McClelland got out of the truck after arguing with Finely and Crostley. Finely ran over McClelland and drug him 70 feet to his death. Finley and Crostley were arrested, but their charges were dropped in a town that often displayed overt racism.


 James Craig Anderson

In 2011, James Craig Anderson of Mississippi was beaten by 10 young white teens and ran over by a pick-up truck. Deryl Paul Dedmon, John Aaron Rice and Dylan Wade Butler were each sentenced to seven to 50 years in prison.



In November 2013, Alfred Wright’s car broke down in Jasper, Texas. He began walking for help and was found dead one week later with his ear cut off and his eye missing. Police claimed that Wright was eaten by an animal after taking drugs. They arrested his drug dealer, Shane Hadnot. However, his family believes that he was lynched because he dated a white woman.


lennon lacy

In August 2014, Lennon Lacy, 17, was hung to death in Bladenboro, North Carolina. The state’s medical examiner ruled the death a suicide, but his family believed he was lynched. Lacy dated a 31-year-old white woman and some in the small town did not approve the relationship. Lacy was found dead in the woods after going on a midnight run. The FBI is still investigating.

carl Hopkins

In January 2014, Garrick Hopkins, 60, and Carl Hopkins, Jr. 61, of West Virginia were killed by Rodney Bruce Black, 62. Black said he thought they were breaking into the building, but some believe the shooting was racially motivated.



  1. REALSOUL4 on March 21, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    It’s a shame before “GOD”…when is this madness is going to “END”? The killers will not go unpunished! May they all R.I.P.!

  2. King_Hussein on July 31, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    OK, I get this is old but we had a suicide faked to look like a racial lynching, an argument between three homey’s that turned into homicide, a drug OD (cocaine, methamphetamine, Xanax) and the tragic shooting of two black men by a mentally incompetent individual. The only actual hate crime was not a lynching and resulted in three convictions for up to 50 years.

    Yet our man AR Shaw sees the Klan hiding under his bed?

  3. Robert Slackware on September 4, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    atacked by 10 teens, and liberals want you limited to only 7 bullets or less. That is why you NEED 30 round magazines.

  4. Andrew MusicJunkie Darden on April 10, 2017 at 9:09 am

    these are poor examples minus the one actual lynching. The thing about it is there have been many modern day lynchings like over 50 in the last 5 years they just rule them as suicide’s now!

  5. Eli Odell Jackson on May 11, 2017 at 11:53 pm

    That’s the best you can do?
    Why do you want to spread such misinformation?
    Don’t you care for the truth? Provide some context.

  6. prjacqui on August 15, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    So, if he had done it in one hour, would you love him for it? No.

  7. Faust on August 22, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Sadly, this reads as if the only *potential lynching mentioned, is the first one mentioned. And even that apparently hasn’t even been officially ruled as a lynching (at the time of it’s writing in 2015). Some were ‘run over’ (no mention of lynching), one even ruled a suicide. But that won’t stop you from linking them to lynching, will it? Try reporting on *facts next time, and you won’t have to deal with comments like this, or, the following…
    See, just like other Blacks who sometimes get caught painting swastikas and racial slurs towards Blacks where none actually existed (trying to cast blame on Whites – i.e. Agent-Provoceteure), so too does the very UGLY possibility remain; that a racist / vengeful / hateful, yet genuinely suicidal Man, also has the capability of casting false accusations on Whites, even in death. Especially in death. I mean, why not? Perhaps as a last effort to clear his own name for the historical record while simultaneously blaming ‘the other’? That doesn’t mean I think he wasn’t lynched btw. Sadly, the *possiblity no one else will acknowledge, remains.
    I have to explain this last sentence because I know through experience that simply bringing up a potential hypothetical, can get me falsely accused of racism.
    The last *known lynching in the US took place in 1981 (not quite an epidemic), and in total, ‘millions’ weren’t lynched in the US (nor hundreds or even tens of thousands) as many often claim. But I do recall Reginald Denny, and the hundreds of other Whites assaulted in *modern times by Blacks, publically, just on video, specifically over race. And every Constitutionally protected march I’ve ever seen by the Klan or other racist organizations, only turn violent when the opposition attacks.
    Now I’ll be called a ‘racist’ for seeking intellectually honesty. Something this article fails to even attempt (seeing as how 4/5 are not ‘lynchings’, and most are still being investigated at the time this was written). If you don’t assume outcomes prior to the release of Investigations, and keep to the subject at hand, you’ll keep comments like mine from even entering the discourse.

  8. Dawn Boysen on September 27, 2017 at 8:33 am

    There are several places in Tn that still do this in 2017 . And i cant wait

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