Waka Flocka involved in sex tape scandal?


Waka Flock Flame may have tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Tammy Rivera, last year, but it seems like the rapper had an extramarital affair caught on tape because he recently revealed that someone recorded him having sex in a hotel.

This week, a Pornhub user uploaded a photo of Waka in which it appears that the rapper is receiving oral sex from an unknown woman in a green thong.

Waka spoke about his frustration over the photo in a tweet and claimed that he gave no consent for the photo nor did he even know that he was being recorded.

Waka Flocka - Pornhub Tweet 1

Waka Flocka - Pornhub Tweet 2

The Pornhub user has not uploaded any other photos or videos and it’s unclear if they ever will, and for the sake of Waka and his marriage, he’d better hope that this is the last we’ll hear and see of this incident.

Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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