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Black female Craigslist killer posed as gay man

Jamyra Gallmon jpg
Jamyra Gallmon, age 21

If you have not realized it by now, using Craigslist can lead to an ambush robbery and even death. Especially when you are a person soliciting for sex. A young Washington, D.C., lawyer and his family learned this the hard way. David Messerschmitt, 30, logged onto Craigslist looking for gay sex in the man for man section. He soon received a reply from dcguy456 who wanted to meet for anal sex. The two set up a meeting time at a posh D.C. hotel for their rendezvous.

David Messerschmitt

Messerschmitt prepared for the encounter and police found a computer, lubricant, condoms, cellphone and enema kit in the room. Unknown to the young newlywed, he was not about to meet a man; coming to rob and eventually kill Messerschmitt was a young Black female named Jamyra Gallmon.

Gallmon killing gear

Gallmon entered the unlocked hotel room and a struggle ensued during which Messerschmitt was repeatedly stabbed in the groin, chest and stomach. Gallmon then used zip ties and makeshift handcuffs to tie up and rob her victim. Messerschmitt’s body was found the next morning by hotel staff. Gallmon was tracked down through surveillance video that showed her dressed like a man as well as bloody fingerprints discovered in the hotel room. When police arrested Gallmon the clothing she wore, a knife and zip ties were discovered at her home.

Gallmon was arraigned April 2 on charges of first-degree murder while armed for allegedly killing David Messerschmitt.

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