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Where is the outrage? Terror group in Kenya kills 148 people

Kenya Victims 2

The value of Black life vs. White life is once again being played out on a grand scale by the mainstream media. By now most news engaged persons have heard of the deliberate crash of a Germanwings jet by delusional co-pilot Andreas Lubitz. The mentally ill man killed 150 passengers and crew by flying the plan into a mountain in the French Alps. As tragic as this accident was, it pales in comparison to the recent mass killings that took place this week in Kenya.

The terrorist group al-Shabab attacked the campus of Garissa College in Kenya killing 148 people and wounding at least 100. At least five masked attackers armed with assault rifles and explosives rained down mass carnage as they traveled from building to building. The attackers singled out Christian students for death and bodies laid scattered everywhere. Truly unfortunate was when the attackers came upon a group of students who were holding a prayer meeting.

Kenya Victims 1

The attack by the Al-Qaida linked group lasted for 13 hours until Kenyan Special Forces could get the upper hand. According to authorities when bullets hit the attackers their bodies exploded from hidden bombs spreading shrapnel across a wide area. This is the second mass attack by the Somali based group. In 2013 the group attacked the Westgate mall in Nairobi killing 67 people and earlier this year promised to attack malls in America. The threat was taken seriously and the director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson spoke on national Sunday news programs about the situation.

Al-Shabab has promised further attacks in Kenya stating, “Kenyan cities will run red with blood…No amount of precaution or safety measures will be able to guarantee your safety, thwart another attack or prevent another bloodbath”.

Mastermind. Mohamed Kuno
Garissa University College attack mastermind. Mohamed Kuno

The terror group is based in Somalia, which shares a border with Kenya. Somalia is a failed state with the inability to govern its borders or care for its people. Al-Shabab grew in this power vacuum to become a major regional terror group. Unfortunately, it shares similar aspects of ideologies and extremism with fellow African terror group Boko Haram, which operates in Nigeria.

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