‘Black Ink Crew’ recap: Ceasar asks Dutchess’ pops for permission to marry her; O’S**t has baby mama drama

Ceasar and Dutchess

Black Ink owner Ceasar and Dutchess are definitely off to a great start on their engagement.

On asking for Dutchess hand in marriage …

No, Ceasar, asking for a woman’s hand in marriage from her father is actually a universal thing. I don’t know if it originated in the South. But just to be on the safe side, here is the Google version:

“The tradition of asking for the bride’s hand in marriage dates back at least to ancient Rome. Back then, the prospective groom would ask the bride’s father for permission to marry her, at which point he would hand the father a symbolic coin. In return, the father would take the hand of his daughter and place it in the groom’s hand, symbolizing his approval of the upcoming marriage,” writes April Sanders in an article for Synonym.com.

Dutchess of Ink sitting at the Black Ink shopThere you have it! Asking for the bride’s hand goes beyond the South and all the way back to ancient Rome. Who knew? Dutchess, that’s who. This strong little firecracker is definitely a “daddy’s girl” and family business is a priority. It’s good to see some people although affiliated with reality TV, stand firm for values and integrity. It’s very obvious Ceasar has found his diamond in the rough that he plans to make complete through matrimony. I mean the man flew to Paris to bring his woman back home. It’s also apparent Ceasar realizes what he did in the past [cheated) really hurt Dutchess and I highly doubt he would do anything that would take them back to where they were before. Side note: Rolling out would like to send our condolences to Dutchess, who recently lost her grandmother.

On O’S**t’s  multiple baby mamas and Kathy showing up to do paternity test at Black Ink …

Now to move on to O’S**t and his multiple baby mama drama. Really, O’S**t what are the odds that your baby mama would come to your job to ask you to do a paternity test while your other baby mama was checking in on you and you aren’t in a relationship with either of these women? All we needed was for Anya to walk in and I really believe she would have just fallen out in the doorway if she had witnessed the two of them there. All of this at the job, though? I’m with Cease on the fact that you “work at a Tattoo parlor” and that’s a whole lot to be going on there. It’s not a talk show, or the set of Maury Povich. This would only happen to you. I commend you for just leaving and going to an AA meeting instead of making a beeline straight to the local liquor store. I actually had to have about three martinis to get through this episode. Now back to the party.

Dutchess & Ceasar #blackInk photo credit : IG On the engagement party …

Dutchess’ pops does look mad young with those big guns on his arms. But I have a feeling that nobody wants a piece of Dutchess’ mom so that’s a closed case on Dutchess’ dad. (sorry, thots) The party was awesome and I am too excited nobody left the planning to Ceasar. The Great Gatsby theme was timely and very different and such a Dutchess idea. (Not bad planning for a girl from North Carolina). I have this gut feeling that Ceasar and Dutchess will live a very long, fulfilling life together as the tattoo artist queen and king of Harlem. (As long as I am invited to the wedding, I’m on board.) There’s no doubt that Ceasar will decide to franchise in the future and own a chain of Black Inks throughout the U.S. Now that I got my compliments out the way, I’m going to backtrack a little.

Ceasar and Dutchess Engagement Party  Photo credit : IG On Ceasar’s idea of a romantic dinner …

There’s something about a place that offers all-you-can-eat lobster that immediately makes lobster seem just like chicken. Cease, only you would want to order a 5-pound lobster with hopes of taking the leftovers home and makeing six more dishes out of it over the next three days. I can’t stop laughing at Dutchess’ response to your suggestion, “I am not Forrest Gump.” I can’t decide which one of you will make the best stand-up comic.

On the customer who asked for an anaconda dragon tattoo from the shoulder to the ankle …

I can’t help but think that ole girl wanted the biggest, longest tattoo as an excuse to spend some bonding time with you. Who asks all those questions? I’m so glad you were engaged with a different mindset or I don’t know that the tattoo would have been done so expeditiously. What was with her and the 51 questions? Where was Dutchess? I’m very proud of the way you professionally advised her of the pain involved in obtaining such a large tattoo. That was definitely a lot of detail and an excellent job.

How many think Ceasar has found his true love?

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