50 Cent’s SMS Audio inks deal with both Marvel and Reebok

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Hip-hop mogul 50 Cent has another power move in store.

The Jamaica, Queens, native is set to partner with both Marvel and Reebok for two separate lines of his SMS Audio headphones brand.

The Reebok and SMS headphones will be marketed to health and fitness enthusiasts at select Reebok stores and online while the Marvel version will be inspired by superheroes of the comic book franchise but not “toy like” according to SMS Audio president Brian Nohe.

“All that stuff we do, it’s classy,” Nohe tells Fortune magazine. “Like on The Avengers headphones, it won’t be a picture of Thor running around. It will be a little symbol, and have the same colorways.” 

When questioned as to how SMS will continue to compete in the headphone market as Apple’s Beats continues to dominate, 50 gives the line started by his good friend Dr. Dre credit but says at the end of the day his product is superior.

“Beats was the first time you saw a record company realized as a marketing company,” 50 says. “You saw Gaga Beats, Bieber Beats, Diddy Beats. And when that many people connected to a major record company have product placement, the unestablished artist who purchases a pair of headphones puts that in his clip so that he feels like he’s got that cool too. It worked in a big way. And it’s not necessarily about the product they sell. It doesn’t have a great sound system. Beats is Nike, and we’re adidas. It’s more international.”

Both the Marvel and Reebok SMS headphones are expected to be priced at $99 upon hitting the market.

In addition to Marvel and Reebok, SMS Audio also has partnerships with Intel, Lucas Films’ Star Wars, and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

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