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Rachel Roy gets sole custody of her 2 daughters, restraining order against Damon Dash

Rachel Roy and her daughters Photo credit : @Rachel_Roy Instagram

Tallullah Dash, Rachel Roy and Ava Dash (Photo credits: Instagram @Rachel_Roy and @Ava_Roy)

Damon Dash, how you gonna let another man dictate when you can see your kids? Rachel Roy must have really been at her wit’s end to not only file for sole physical custody of their two daughters, 15-year-old Ava, and 6-year-old Tallulah, according to court documents, but to add a restraining order for three years? Talk about adding insult to injury. Man! I’m thinking it must have been a huge mistake for Dash to allegedly kidnap his daughter from the nail salon.

Tallulah Dash and Damon Dash with Kanye West @ava_dash Instagram

Ava Dash, Damon Dash and Kanye West at BET Honors (Photo credit: @Ava_Dash Instagram)

Roy claims Dash smokes too much weed around the girls and his associates are a bad example. But wait, didn’t Dash just join Kanye West as business partner? West’s a good dad and example. I thought word on the street was he was also named North West’s godfather. What about his good friend Diddy? Did the judge not think about all these good examples around him? Should this count for something? Perhaps the judge forgot about how messy Roy was. She reportedly flirted with Jay Z at the Met Ball to the extent that Queen Bey had to step to Roy about the flirting and advise her how disrespectful it was. This is allegedly what led to the whole Solange-Jay-Z elevator brawl because Jay Z attempted to defend himself and Solange felt his response was disrespectful.

You wouldn’t think this couple has been divorced since 2009 after four years of marriage. When are celebrity couples going to get it right? Do you think Roy should have filed this protective order on behalf of the girls? They are old enough to report what happens when they are with their dad, you know. I need another martini after writing about this.

Rachel Roy and her mini me Photo credit @Rachel_Roy Instagram

Rachel Roy and daughter, Tallulah (Photo credit : IG @Rachel_Roy)

Roy should have no problem bouncing back on the dating scene.


  1. britishrose on April 22, 2015 at 11:48 am

    RACHEL RAY IS ONE GOOD LOOKING WOMAN NO DAM WONDER ugley solange and troubled weak minded beyonce snapped .. . thats a challenge for your ass plus she runs her own empire and aint got no man dictating and dominating her every move BEYONCE!!! .. so she is a tripple threat to anyone coming up against her .. it like trying tocome up against oprah to take stedman lmaaaaaaao … but beyonce better watch it cause roy will at leasst sleep with jayz to kill beyonce and stabb solange in the gutt lmaaaaao

    TRUTHFUL PARENT NEED TO GET ALONE . roy should not have done dash this bad , its not worth it for the kids sake they love their daddy too .. and 3 years is a while to not have a father around by choice of mother
    these child custody issues are rachett , kenya get ready dud kim kardashian fixxxin to rip yor ass apart in child court .. ITS COMEING OH YES LORD ITS COMING LIKE A KATRINA AGAIN … and we will see how in love his ass was

  2. britishrose on April 22, 2015 at 11:51 am

    that youngest kid is questionable where did the blonde hair come from ,, did they adopt her ? cause two black folks aint gonna have no child with blond hair but wait … stacy dash have that hair and eyes and white look so thats in their family tree , they have heave caucasion blood line SO STACY DASH AND THIS CHILD LOOK LIKE MOHTER AND DAUGHTER . .BUT RACHEL ROY IS INDIAN OR SOMETHING RIGHT ?

  3. NDM Consulting N.D. McNeil on April 24, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    I think she is starting a WAR she will LOOSE. Damon Dash has been damaged since Aliyah Died and everyone knows this to be a TRUE FACT! So why marry him, he even cheated on Aliyah she just had more CLASS than Roy is showing today.
    HE put her on the MAP, not the other way around Rachel WHO??? how soon people will forget who she is. When Damon Dash finally makes a statement. If I was his publicist, here is what I would say ~
    This is a private time