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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 2 best moments

Rasheeda Learns About Kirk's Apartment

Rasheeda finds out Kirk rented an apartment

At the red carpet of an event, Rasheeda finally meets Kirk’s new artist, Ashley Nicole. Unfortunately for him, she unwittingly reveals that he signed her to a 5five-album deal and that he has a “Buckhead office.” Afterward, Rasheeda calls Karlie Redd over to help find evidence of Kirk’s secret office and they end up stumbling across documents revealing his “office” is really an apartment and that he forged Rasheeda’s signature on the lease. Rasheeeda pays Kirk a surprise visit in his new apartment and confronts him about lying to her about their money and their business. Rasheeda is angry that Kirk has been telling her that they don’t have the money to open the store while secretly taking their money to fund his own desires. Kirk doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong, but Rasheeda threatens to call up her lawyers to get rid of him as her business partner.

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