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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 2 best moments

Stevie Tells Eva About Rehab

Stevie explains his rehab sentence to his daughter

After telling Joseline about failing his drug test, Stevie pays a visit to Mimi and tells her the bad news. Mimi is highly disappointed and tries to get to the bottom of Stevie’s addiction. However, Stevie still can’t fully admit that he has a problem. Mimi explains to him that his actions affect everyone in his family. Stevie makes peace with going to rehab, but he asks Mimi to fix her issues with Joseline while he’s gone. Mimi makes no promises, but she does make Stevie promise to tell their daughter about his rehab stint. Stevie walks upstairs and tells Eva that he’s going away for a month. He tries to soften the blow for Eva, but she cries as he holds her and sings to her about how much he loves her.


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