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TV » Details emerge about NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams’ blowup

Details emerge about NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams’ blowup

NeNe Leakes/Photo Credit: Bravo Screenshot

Earlier this week, the Internet was buzzing with rumors that NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams had a massive blowup at a women’s expo in Atlanta. Later on, Leakes alleged that she was told that Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, had a meltdown over Leakes, but now sources have revealed more details about what really happened that day.

According to Daily Mail Online, an alleged source from the scene claims that the drama started when Williams and her team arrived at the Georgia World Congress Center and realized that her dressing room was right next to Leakes’. Williams’ husband demanded that the expo staff move Leakes’ dressing room.

“Kevin was adamant that he wanted his wife nowhere near NeNe! He told them to move her as far away as possible,” the source revealed.

It’s unclear whether organizers moved Leakes’ dressing room, but later on at 1 p.m. Williams hit the stage and told the crowd about her “10 rules that every woman should live by.”

Leakes followed Williams on stage at 1:45 and alleged told the crowd, “I’m your home girl. I live my life as an open book and I’m happy I don’t need 10 rules to live by!”

NeNe Leakes & Wendy Williams/Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

The source alleges that Hunter was infuriated and began approaching the stage, yelling, “He kept yelling ‘get her m———ing a– off the stage. We don’t f— with her! Wendy don’t f— with her. Cut that b—-’s mic off!” the source recalled.”

But before Hunter could reach the stage, Leakes’ friend, Diana Gowins, intercepted him and yelled back “What the hell is your problem? If you have a problem with NeNe, take it up with me!”

Hunter and Gowins argued back and forth before security came to diffuse the situation. Hunter then walked over to where his wife was signing signing copies of her book, Ask Wendy: Straight-Up Advice for All the Drama in Your Life and cut her book signing short so they could leave immediately.

Williams and Hunter were escorted away by police and organizers for the expo allegedly had to refund 80 tickets for patrons who paid to get autographed books from Williams.

Leakes allegedly didn’t find out what happened until after she walked off stage.

Neither Williams nor Leakes have confirmed the new allegations, but as Williams would say, this is one juicy story!





  1. britishrose on May 6, 2015 at 3:41 pm

    that sounds like kevin !!! if you listen to wendy carefully he is quit controlling and he should not have any thing to do with her show but he executive produce!! big ass mistake which means he gets to travel with her dam! NO GOOD . .he had no business ranting like that and causing chaios . i roll with wendy on all but this ONE .. dude is a straight up dumb mf . to mess up wendy game . he is probably a hater on his on his own wife .. i bet wendy cant stand him and want a divorce but he is ruthless , i think wendy is scared of him somewhat intimidated too .. i just wish she would realize afterwhile that its not gonna work and get out

    for nene she really did nothing wrong someone wanted her there she is just as important that day to her fans , so what was his point? so what if wendy got a show? everybody aint no wendy fan either BUT IAM .. and I WANT KEVIN OUT!! a lot of folks will stop watching her show if he becomes more problomatic ,, i remember a story of him coming to the radio show one time when wendy was on the air and they say he clowned and dragged wendy our the boothe and made her go home . witnesses said he hit her too . … HE ALREADY CHEATED ON HER 2X WENDY CANT TAKE HER OWN GOOD ADVICE BOUT HERO OWN TRAINWRECK MAN

  2. IDX on May 7, 2015 at 10:24 am

    Er, may I suggest that people find more appropriate things to read? This is pure trash talk that takes up unnecessary space in the mind

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