Woman accused of killing man with penis-enlargement injection


A New Jersey woman, Kasia Rivera, has been accused of causing a man’s death with a penis-enlargement injection. On Tuesday, the 35-year-old East Orange resident appeared in court, where she was indicted for reckless manslaughter. Rivera pleaded not guilty.

According to reports, Rivera, who is known for performing enlargement services (without prior training) injected Justin Street, 22, who had a fatal reaction to the silicone she pumped into his penis.

Upon injecting Street’s organ with her patented pumping agent, the chemical entered his bloodstream causing him to have a “silicone embolism.” Street leaves behind two children.

Although the cosmetic use of non-encapsulated medical silicone is approved by the FDA in the form of Botox, for use around the eyes, it is also used quite frequently on the black market by untrained practitioners as a budget-friendly alternative to cosmetic surgery. While side effects are thought to be relatively rare, in some cases silicone will migrate through the bloodstream, resulting in a potentially fatal clot in the heart or brain or lungs; similar to Street’s reaction.

If convicted, Rivera faces 10 years in prison.

R. Hawkins
R. Hawkins

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