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In 2018, Black social media users shamed these racists (video)

2018 racists (Images in montage credited below)

In 2018, cellphones and social media caught wanton acts of racism across the country in viral videos. It is reminiscent of the scene in the hit comedy movie Beverly Hills Cop, where Eddie Murphy’s character announces to a roomful of racists, “I’m your worst nightmare, a n—– with a badge.” But in 2018, you also have to add “an N-word with a computer and Black Twitter.”

The impact of Black Twitter users making a story go viral was so huge, it spawned the term “Black Twitter Investigative Services” in some circles. But whether its Twitter or another social media platform like Facebook, Black users were impactful in social justice activism in a digital world.

From BBQ Becky to Hotel Earl, here are just a few of the incidents that went viral in America in 2018.

BBQ Becky: Lying racist tries to get Black family arrested for having a barbecue.

Jennifer Schulte called police and lied on a Black family in Oakland over a BBQ (Image Source: Youtube screenshot)

It all started in 2018 in Oakland, California, when Jennifer Schulte told a Black family that she was calling the police because their charcoal barbecue grill was illegal in the park.   Read story

Georgia racist called Black man N-word so he could legally murder him (video)

Erick DeKeyser, 49, arrested after he hurled insults and said he wanted to legally murder a Black man (Image Source: Facebook/Terrence Stover)

The situation occurred in the city of Johns Creek, Georgia, about 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta. Terrance Stover noticed that a car was tailgating him and driving aggressively. Stover became concerned and drove into a public shopping center and was confronted by the driver, Erik DeKeyser, 49. Read story

Racist granny thug Judy Tucker and bigot son target of social media justice.

Judy Tucker, racist woman charged with assaulting an active duty US Army officer and her pregnant fellow soldier (Image source: Bibb County Sheriff’s Office)

When Judy Tucker decided it was acceptable to put her hands on a Black U.S. Army officer, she became an object of national scorn. The behavior of the grandmother was caught on cellphone video and led to her arrest for assault. Read story

Racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg losing it all after social media backlash

Aaron Schlossberg (Image Source: Facebook/ Aaron Schlossberg)

The latest person convicted in the court of social media was New York lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, 42. He was famously recorded berating Spanish-speaking workers at a restaurant in an ignorant tirade. Read story

Racist who pointed a gun at Black kids arrested.

Lloyd Edward Johnson (Image Source: Hennepin County Jail)

Rolling out reported on the case of the teens who were trying to pay for their food at a McDonald’s franchise near Minneapolis. Johnson became frustrated at the group for taking too long at the register and started insulting them. Read story

Watch as hero defends a pregnant Black woman from enraged racist (video).

Black America has been inundated with videos of White people abusing Black people. Many who have seen these videos have asked, “Where are the brothers?” when Black women were the target. Well, it has happened again, this time in Orlando, Florida, and there was a brother on the scene who stepped in.

Another racist loses her job after Atlanta lounge tirade.

Fired Porsche employee Sonya Pate (Image Source: Twitter/ Kodili

Atlanta saw a class of Black millionaires rise and subsequently a rise in the Black elite. However, good customer service and common courtesy to Black people in Atlanta can still be denied, especially by managers who are themselves a person of color. Read story

#Hotel Earl: Guard calls police on Black man for talking on the phone.


“Hotel Earl” calls police on Black man for talking on his phone (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

iAs the year draws to a close, one would think viral videos of racist behavior would pause for the holidays. Unfortunately, another incident of racism toward Blacks just living normally surfaced in Portland, Oregon. Jermaine Massey was kicked out of his hotel for talking on his phone in the lobby. Read story