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Popular Atlanta photographer Jimi Flix dies

Jimi Flix (Facebook)

Jimi Flix, founder of JiMi FliX! Photography, first captured this writer at an Atlanta charity event over a decade ago at Jeffrey Kalinski’s Fashion Cares extravaganza (circa 2005) at the Woodruff Arts Center. He emailed the photo to me. This was long before the social media craze. That was our first meeting, and for some reason I knew it wouldn’t be our last. Jimi Flix just had his way of doing things, and I have nothing but love for our dearly departed brother who has been fighting a battle that he shared with friends and fans on Facebook.

Jimi Flix had a biting sarcasm that made me laugh and many times nod my head in agreement. It took me more than 24 hours to write this obituary because I received the news of Jimi Flix’s and Margaret Kargbo’s deaths at the same time. What a blow! This is our reality. We’ve heard the saying that life is short, while I disagree with the whole notion, I understand why people believe it’s the case. Our expiration date is already written in the book of life, we just don’t have access to it. Life is not that short. Based on the many condolences left on Jimi Flix’s Facebook page, we know he made quite an impression on a lot of people. His reach was far and wide, definitely not short. Jimi Flix’s passion was photography and many of us were blessed to be a part of what drove him and gave him the zest for life — immortalizing people. Rest in peace Jimi Flix, there are winged socialites on the other side waiting to be captured.

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