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Avery Wilson talks new single, Sean Garrett, and following the great R&B singers

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Avery Wilson (photo credit: Twitter)

At 19 year-old, RCA recording artist Avery Wilson has a unique voice that is earning him comparisons to the great vocalists of our time such as: Luther Vandross, Usher and Brian McKnight. Wilson spoke to rolling out about his humble beginnings, Sean Garrett, his new album, and more.

What was your first introduction to music as a young kid?

As a young kid, I wasn’t focused on singing to be honest with you. I was really focused on dance because that was my first love and I ran track as well, but of course being a dancer and being around music obviously, that was one of my first introductions. But as far as singing goes, I was in the car humming one day and my dad heard me, and he told me that he was going to help me with my gift, which is singing, and from there I got on “The Voice.” Sean Garrett came to my house after I had gotten eliminated and from there we started working on molding me as an artist, then one day he told me that he had a friend that he wanted to introduce me to, and it happened to be Clive Davis, so I sang for him and to have his support now is crazy.

Describe your experience on “The Voice.”

The thing that I learned the most is that you have to “be” ready. It’s not about you being young or old, you just have to work hard and sacrifice in order to be great, and you have to be prepared. Cee Lo taught me to be open to people and also find inspiration in everything.

What have you learned most about the process of being an artist and being patient?

Patience has always been important to me, even before I met Sean or before I got on “The Voice” because people weren’t always receptive of what I was doing or where I was from, so patience has always been big for me. I had to learn how to work through all of the negativity and people saying things about me, so every situation that I go through is a constant reminder that patience is the most important thing overall.

What is the story behind your new single?

“If I Have To,” really describes how Avery Wilson loves. It’s such a strong power ballad, and I believe that it was the right message to put out first to give people the understanding of how I love. Lyrics in the song such as, “I’ll walk on fire to get to you if I have to,” and “When you need proof and words won’t do,” really describe how I am in relationships and I’ll go to the ends of the Earth for somebody that I really care about. I feel like if it’s honest, It will connect and I think the song is honest.

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