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Judge for Dylann Roof’s bond hearing once used ‘N-word’ while in court

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Dylann Roof’s racist massacre is not an act of a single person who hated Blacks. It stems from a racist mentality that continues to exist in South Carolina. The state continues to fly the Confederate flag, which is a subliminal act of terrorism within itself.

But another shocking aspect of the case is that the judge who presided over Roof’s bond hearing also has a racist past. According to South Carolina’s Supreme Court, Judge James B. Gosnell used the ‘N-word’ while in the court room in 2003. While talking to a Black defendant, Gosnell said, “There are four kinds of people in this world, black people, white people, red necks, and n—-.”

Gosnell was disciplined, but was allowed to continue serving as judge. But it shows the level of racism that Blacks must face everyday in South Carolina when a racist mass murderer is being judged in court by another racist.

Gosnell also caught flack for having sympathy for Roof’s family. It’s a poor decision considering the investigation is ongoing and it’s possible that Roof’s family could have played a role in the killings.

Roof will appear in court on Oct. 23.

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