A special Father’s Day message from Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell

Ceasar Mitchell Father's Day

Today we celebrate membership in a lifelong fraternity-fatherhood. There are no secret handshakes, monthly meetings or yearly dues. Instead there is the daily journey of dance recitals, ball games and science projects. Membership is not complimentary. The price of admission is steeped in the responsibility of raising a generation of young women and men to be productive members of society and tomorrow’s leaders.

As the father of two daughters, I am honored to share membership in this exclusive club with men across our great city and around the world who wake up every day with the goal of making their communities places where all of our children have the opportunity to realize their fullest potential.

Today we celebrate fathers, grandfathers and father figures for their love, guidance and indelible mark on our community. We thank them for everything they do to keep our families and neighborhoods strong and productive moving. But most importantly, we thank them for simply loving their children.

Happy Father’s Day!

Munson Steed
Munson Steed

Founder and publisher of rolling out's parent company Steed Media Group.

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