Corrupt judge sentenced to prison for framing woman who wouldn’t give him sex

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A judge in Chatsworth, Georgia, framed a woman because she would not have sex with him. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Judge Bryant L. Cochran orchestrated a devious plan once he was rejected.

Cochran met the woman who was involved in a legal matter and offered to give her a favorable ruling if she had sex with him. However, the woman decided not to have sex with him and publicly accused him of the proposition.

Cochran decided to put together a plan to get revenge on the woman. He worked with an accomplice and placed methamphetamine in her car and called police to give a description of her vehicle. The woman was arrested, but it was soon discovered to be a plot and Cochran was the ring leader.

Cochran was sentenced to five years in prison and forced to step down from the bench.

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