Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh resigns amid scandal

In the wake of a growing scandal, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has resigned from office, according to The Baltimore Sun. Pugh was under increasing pressure to step down after federal agents from the IRS and FBI raided her home and office and also those of close staff after dubious financial dealings tied to her self-published children’s […]

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s home raided by FBI, now faces resignation

The Baltimore city government is in turmoil after an FBI and IRS raid on multiple properties belonging to Mayor Catherine Pugh and associates. On April 1, 2019, Pugh took a leave of absence because of illness on the same day the federal government announced an investigation into her finances. Now it has been revealed that […]

Scandal widens in Atlanta as another former city official is charged by feds

Between 2010 and 2018, former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s administration appeared to be one of progress and new opportunities, not only for the city but also many entrepreneurs. The city saw unparalleled growth that included laying the foundation for the film industry in the region. Most would agree that Reed was doing good for the […]

Atlanta City Hall raided by FBI in corruption scandal

Atlanta has been a city that has enjoyed decades of Black leadership in city hall, from the election of its first Black mayor, Maynard Jackson to its current mayor, Kasim Reed. But the years of power have not been without controversy and arrests. Now the city is once again embroiled in a bribery and corruption […]

Innocent Black man locked in prison without food while visiting his son

Farad Polk decided to visit his son who was serving time at the Cook County Jail in Chicago. However, a worker at the Cook County Jail gave Polk the wrong directions and he became a prisoner without being charged or convicted  a crime. According to Chicago Tribune, Polk entered the visiting area at the jail […]

Female jailers busted for inmate hookups

There seems to be a rash of correctional officers who decide to have relationships with inmates under their custody. This time the facility is the Dekalb County Jail in metro Atlanta. Sheriff’s deputies arrested two women identified as Shanik Bishop, 26, and Nardia P.K. Reynolds, 30, who were both arrested at their separate homes for […]

Corrupt judge sentenced to prison for framing woman who wouldn’t give him sex

A judge in Chatsworth, Georgia, framed a woman because she would not have sex with him. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Judge Bryant L. Cochran orchestrated a devious plan once he was rejected. Cochran met the woman who was involved in a legal matter and offered to give her a favorable ruling if she had […]

Crooked Detroit official details corruption in former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s office

Kwame Kilpatrick’s arrest and conviction on multiple corruption charges rocked the black power structure in Detroit. Kilpatrick is currently serving a 28-year sentence in federal prison for crimes committed while he was mayor of Detroit. Now Derrick Miller, one of Kilpatrick’s top aides and a co-conspirator has detailed his crimes and life in what has […]

HBCU faculty and alumni expose corruption at Paine College

An explosive anonymous website has popped up which is causing a firestorm among the Historically Black College and University community. The website, called THE PAINE PROJECT, details financial and sexual misconduct that goes all the way up to the CME Church’s highest administrators. Among the allegations of financial mismanagement are payments to a former student who […]

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin facing 20 years for corruption

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is facing a tough 20 years or more prison sentence if federal prosecutors get their way. Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Coman wrote a harsh 43 page brief to the court that states in part that Nagin showed “no remorse” and “willfully” perjured himself multiple times during his federal corruption […]

Sen. Cory Booker: Corruption investigation may involve former Newark, N.J., mayor

A New York Times editorial today exposed the allegations of mismanagement under former Newark, N.J., mayor and now U.S. Sen.Cory Booker’s administration. Currently, Sen. Booker is one of only two black senators. The other senator is black tea party Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina.  The article revealed that the Newark Watershed Conservation and Development […]

Black mayors accused of corruption

With jury selection underway in the  trial of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, black mayors in major cities  are always faced with the shadow of corruption. The political machine does not work the same for black mayors who are under more scrutiny. Here is a reminder of  big city black mayors who have served time or are in currently […]

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s trial begins

New Orleans’ former mayor Ray Nagin’s trial started today with jury selection. Nagin first appeared in the national spotlight after Hurricane Katrina struck his city in 2005 and his cries of help went unheeded by the George W. Bush Administration. Nagin is now facing 21 charges of federal corruption including bribery, money laundering, fraud and […]

6 men gang-rape 16-year-old girl in Kenya, sentenced to ‘grass cutting’

Citizens of Nairobi, Kenya, are outraged over a gang rape of a teenage girl and are seeking justice. According to the Agence-France Press, a 16-year-old girl was approached by six men after walking home from her grandfather’s funeral. The men gang-raped her and threw her into a pit after the attack. The girl’s back was […]

Ray Nagin indicted: Former New Orleans Mayor faces corruption charges

Ray Nagin, 56, the mayor who stood in the national spotlight when Hurricane Katrina – “the deadliest and most destructive” hurricane in the U.S. – devastated New Orleans and Mississippi. The most outspoken politician in the Gulf Coast following the devastation, Nagin’s name was once synonymous with propelling New Orleans’ rebirth efforts. On Friday, Jan. […]

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