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Jazz vocalist Zoe Jackson Jarra is honored with Zoe Day by the state of Texas


L to R: Dee Dee and Zoe Jackson Jarra (Photo by Alex Green Media for Steed Media Service)



Name: Zoe Jackson Jarra

Company: Zoe Fashion Plate

Title: Jazz Singer, Songwriter, Designer

Who is Zoe Fashion Plate?

Zoe, of course, is a multifaceted jazz artist and fashion designer but in all actuality I am a native of Port Arthur, Texas. As with most people it does hold true that my character was built on that small town, hometown, girl next door sort of thing. I think in certain cases that’s all I’ve really known so no matter where I’ve gone in my travels my values still remain the same.

Tell us about your proclamation from the city of Port Arthur.

The city honored me with a proclamation for Zoe “I Got You” Day. The proclamation stems from the title of my new single, which the city of Port Arthur, Texas, decided to use as a platform to unite the city.

What is the message behind the song title?

In terms of the song “I Got You” I think that people need that kind of simplistic encouraging word in this world.  As a lupus survivor, independent artist and former single mom, there were many people who told me “I got you.” When selecting the song it was pushed to the forefront of choices to put out because the message was so clear. In terms of us saying no matter who you are or what you are going through we got you. I’ve got your back! In this day and age I think that it’s important to put people in a position to do something for someone else. This song was chosen based on a solution to everything that you are seeing in the news and the correlation of the times. There’s a lot that comes with being choosey and deciding what image you may want to represent. Lyrically I’m very present in making sure that the messages that I’m writing are messages that are lasting but I look to great artist as well. My absolute favorite is Shirley Horn because of how she expressed herself lyrically and staged her melody and words. I tried to embody that when writing this song.

What producers or collaborators did you work with on this project?

I worked with a producer out of Atlanta by the name of Freddy Luster formally with the band seek. As an artist my songwriting partner Dee Dee and I have written many records over the years so there’s a lot in our catalogue to choose from when we are deciding on a record. When it comes to Dee Dee and myself, it’s a collaborative effort no matter if I write the majority or Dee Dee writes the majority. It’s the approval of both that makes the record a staple in our camp.

What advice would you give other artists on career longevity?

I have been a jazz vocalist, stage producer, fashion designer, model, and songwriter. I have been privileged to be present in every facet of my talents at any time that I have chosen to be. That to me is the beauty of being an artist. It seems that in this generation you are looked at as being all over the place if you are involved in more than one creative venture. We as artists should be more organic with our movement. That’s how I’ve been able to sustain my career throughout the years. My advice to anyone would be to just do your art no matter if your art consists of 15 different talents.

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