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Summer flowers can heal our community


I was walking in the Open Market and realized that flowers are still in bloom, whether it is the beauty of a sunflower, or roses that we see all around us. They won’t be around long, so enjoy flowers and maybe give a few to a friend.

Give flowers to a friend to say thank you for who you are. I’ve even given flowers to people I don’t know.

Flowers give people feelings or warmth and gratitude. The beauty in a flower makes people feel like someone cares.

So as summer continues, let flowers be a part of your gift everyday. Enjoy the beauty and the fragrance. Enjoy the texture. Share with a date. You may not blow her mind, but you will share your vision for beauty.

Each time we take a moment to give a flower away, it says something special and it might even help someone else’s day. These beautiful flowers are healing.


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