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Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick engaged, again

Photo credit: Draya Michele’s Instagram (@sodraya)

Photo credit: Draya Michele’s Instagram (@sodraya)

Few other celebrity couples have been more dysfunctional and up and down this year that Draya Michele and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick. But after months of breakups to makeups, the two are reportedly engaged, once again.

As previously reported, the couple’s troubles began back in May when they broke up with each other. However, just a month later, Scandrick proposed to Draya in June with a massive diamond ring and the couple got back together with plans to finally wed.

However, things went further downhill when Scandrick called off the engagement in July and filed a restraining order against Draya. Over the past few weeks, the couple reconciled and the restraining order has been removed, but Draya recently revealed that their relationship was still rocky when she posted photos of Scandrick tearing apart her bedroom over a lover’s spat.

But for those who thought the couple would just breakup, once again, TMZ is now reporting that Draya told them that she and Scandrick are in a “good place” now and that they’ve even decided to get engaged again.

However, Draya claims she and Scandrick want to take their engagement slowly this time around and they won’t begin planning their wedding until at least next year.

Well, we hope this couple finally gets their act together and does the work to be in a healthy relationship, but considering their track record, we’re not going to hold our breath.