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You are an everyday superstar, says coach and mentor Rome Madison

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Photo courtesy of Rome Madison

Rome Madison is a coach and mentor to everyday superstars.  Madison is very passionate and purposeful in helping others live up to their potential. He defies all of the odds and negative stereotypes one might hear about African American men. He is a provider, hard worker, husband and father to his two beautiful daughters. With all of that, he still makes the time to make you an everyday superstar.

What started this passion of yours to help people become motivated?
Growing up in Denison, Texas, I had no idea the life I’m living today was available to me. We looked at sports figures as our heroes, and as motivators to define what success is, but today it’s reality TV stars and social media driving us to create superficial representations of ourselves.

With so much emphasis on being a personality, our culture has become blind to appreciating what makes us truly unique and powerful: our unique talents and the power of our dreams.

Our true star power is that inner ability we all possess to create more of what we want, using only the gifts and dreams we’ve been blessed to carry in life. From my journey and study of human potential I’m driven to help dreamers raise awareness of and Claim that Star Power inside, because it’s there to serve us and create abundance around us.

When companies hire you, what can they expect as a deliverable?
1. An extremely grateful and humble business partner who will arrive prepared to stretch each employee’s vision of what’s possible, as well as challenging them to stretch how them see themselves.
2. A clear call-to-action that will help the audience accelerate toward achieving their goals.
3. Increased engagement during the event.
4. A fun high-energy presentation.
5. Increased awareness of company’s vision. (if a customized speech is requested).

Tell us about your new book.
My book speaks to those who have ever felt stuck or had to start over again. The first 10 years of my working professional life ended in unemployment, bankruptcy and the mental breakdown of my mother. The next 10 years of my professional life took me from unemployed with no options, to a corporate VP with stock options. Like I was at one point, there are many like me who want more from life but don’t see the opportunities, but the four principles I talk about in my book are how I and other high-achievers were able to tap into that star power and create a life beyond our wildest dreams. It took a rock-bottom life experience for me to make the decision to claim my star power, but my vision was to share this insight with hopes of leading the reader to ask themselves questions that may unlock their star power.

What does success look like for you?
Success to me is experiencing peace and joy. Being married with two kids and experiencing peace in the home is indeed success! Seeing my family healthy and happy is a true joy. And although no days are without challenge, taking a moment to pursue my dreams no matter large or small each day is what keeps me alive with passion!

We know that life has challenges for us all. Who or what motivates you?
I’m motivated by quite a few people, but the life my mother and grandfather lived is truly inspiring. My grandfather truly lived the American dream even though he had lost both parents by 13 and grew up in a time when a Black man in Texas was called boy. War veteran, business owner, retiree, church and community leader, and patriarch of his family.  My mother raised three kids as a single-mother while working full-time and going to college. She got her B.S. from the University of Texas despite all these obstacles, but she was never able to take advantage of her education due to her battle with mental illness. Both worked hard to create better opportunities for their children and I learned many lessons on how to navigate life’s challenges that I share with my family and some I share in my book.

It’s a true joy and motivation for me to thank them and show them that their living example was not in vain. I also believe it’s a privilege to be a reflection God’s glory as a testimony that if a country boy from small-town Texas can achieve big, ridiculous dreams, anyone can!

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Having more fun experiencing me, my family and those I’ve mentored realize our dreams! I dream of sharing my message of seizing the moment and claiming your star power with professionals and achievers all over the world.

101 Star Points by Rome Madison

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