Leadership consultant Anwar Aiken shares 4 essential skills for future leaders

Leadership consultant Anwar Aiken shares 4 essential skills for future leaders
Anwar Aiken (Photo credit: The Price Approach Photography)

Anwar Aiken is an accomplished military officer, a transportation professional with over 12 years of management experience, and an executive director with The John Maxwell Team.  He has been licensed and trained by Maxwell and his team to deliver nothing short of world-class content from the top expert on leadership, Dr. John C. Maxwell.  As an internationally certified executive leadership consultant, he has been teaching and coaching leadership for over 15 years in both the public and private sectors.  Aiken abides by the motto, don’t just live your life, lead your life. Rolling out spoke with Aiken about the skills he deems essential for future leaders.

What inspires you to show up at work every day?

The fact that it doesn’t feel like work.  I love working with leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

What industries connect to your career choice?

Every industry connects with leadership.  Strong leadership is something every industry needs more of.

Describe the skills that will be essential to future entrepreneurs, business leaders, and innovators.

I would say leadership, sales, marketing, speaking, and coaching.

Describe how you set goals and evaluate your success.

Goal setting for me is a little different.  I don’t set goals to achieve them.  I set goals to become the person worthy of having the goal.  I base my success on growing in awareness and understanding.

Name your favorite role models for success in two different sectors.

Former President Barack Obama and Dr. John Maxwell.

Name three books that changed how you see life.

The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and Mastery by Robert Greene.

Define why lifelong learning is important to you.

You only get one life.  If you’re going to make it count you have to be committed to a life of learning.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

My mom’s kitchen with a bowl of seafood gumbo … good times.

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