Are you the other man or woman?

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Have you been in a relationship and wondered where your man or woman is at night; or on the weekends? Have you wondered why he or she takes calls in the bathroom? Have you even questioned why you’ve never met his or her friends or family? It’s not rocket science … it’s probably because you’re the other man or woman.

There are so many signs that we choose to overlook that we’re his/her side piece. Of course, we get caught up in the nice restaurants; he or she says all the right things and the sex is so phenomenal, that we’re blinded to see anything else.

Here are seven signs that you’re the side person:

  1. Only calls between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Unfortunately, if he or she doesn’t come rushing home to you after work, you’re not a priority.
  2. Never has the phone on after 5 p.m. In case you didn’t know, after 5 p.m. is family time, so his or her focus is on his or her mate and not you. He or she must first satisfy his responsibilities at home before playing with you.
  3. Whispers on the phone. After your mate is sleep, he or she sneaks into the bathroom, whispering while trying to make plans to catch up with you. They don’t want to lose the good dinner dates, the sex and the good times. Sadly enough, he or she wants to keep you, too.
  4. You’re only a booty call. He or she only wants to come over, knock some boots and leave.
  5. Only sends text messages. This is definitely a red flag. Why wouldn’t you want to hear his or her voice? Who wants to have long conversations via text?
  6. No personal details. If you’ve been dating this person for a while and you still don’t know where he or she lives, that’s a big, red flag! What’s the big secret? He or she probably has a family and there may even be some potential life threatening things that you just don’t know about him or her. Steer clear!
  7. Haven’t met the family or friends. If you still haven’t met his family or friends, it’s because you can’t. Maybe on a rare occasion, he or she will invite you over to meet certain family members or friends, because they are loyal to him/her and won’t say anything. Who wants to be around that type of behavior?

If you are experiencing any of the seven signs listed above, you should definitely rethink your relationship (if that’s what you want to call it). You don’t have to settle for this foolishness! If he or she really cares, you’ll be the only one. Don’t settle for something less than what you deserve. Find someone worthy of you that will respect and love you unconditionally. Don’t ever be desperate.

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