Never date (or marry) for money

Photo source: Blend Images /
Photo source: Blend Images /

While the rest of us are searching for true love, some individuals may be looking for someone to provide financial support for them, while being in love is secondary. Has it ever crossed your mind that money may have been the motivating factor in your mate’s decision?  Here are some reasons you should never date or marry for money.

– Intelligent men and women make their own money. Intelligent men and women know how to make their own money and feel better about themselves for doing just that.

– Not guaranteed to last. She or he has millions in the bank today, but how long will it really last? Have you ever thought that maybe one day they’ll be broke or perhaps, even have to file bankruptcy? Then what?

– It’s a trap. Unfortunately, money is the main reason people stay in loveless relationships, especially when this was their only reason in the first place. Additionally, business savvy people with money will protect their treasures with that infamous pre-nup. So don’t plan on walking away, unless you plan to walk away broke.

– You can’t be bought. Your integrity is worth more than any dollar amount in his or her bank account.

– Nothing in life is free. You may never have to work another day in your life, but remember that nothing in life is free, so you’ll have to do something to earn those coins.

– It won’t buy your happiness. Sure, having money allows you to travel on vacation to some exotic places and allows you some happiness for a week or two, but remember all vacations come to an end.

At the end of the day, it is always wrong and selfish for anyone to date or marry someone for the sole purpose of financial gain. Happy and successful relationships require give-and-take. Personally, I could not imagine being with a man I did not love and genuinely want to be with.  It takes too much time and energy when you have to fake it.

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