Never sacrifice important values in your relationship

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We all know that relationships are give and take. There is also going to be some level of compromise, especially when it comes to sharing some or all of your life with someone else.  What should you be willing to sacrifice for a relationship, and what is too much?  Relationships should allow you to grow as a person and you should find happiness, but sometimes relationships can sour and negatively affect both parties.

Never sacrifice any of these important values in your relationship.

  1. Inner peace. It is important to retain your inner peace for your own happiness/sanity. If your mate keeps you angry, stressed, nervous or anxious, you may find yourself feeling depressed or even withdrawn. And, if you are regularly fighting with your mate, it’s probably time to ask yourself why? Are there on-going issues in the relationship and if so, can they be resolved?
  2. Freedom. If you are in a healthy relationship, you should be able to go out and enjoy yourself, without your mate getting upset.  Possessive behavior is typically an indicator of insecurity, which is their personal problem that you cannot fix.  Healthy relationships allow each mate to spend time together and apart.
  3. Happiness. Your partner should bring happiness and joy to your life, rather than dragging you down and making you feel sad or belittled. If your partner makes you feel down about yourself or your life, then you are no longer in a healthy relationship. Your partner will not always be in a great mood, but if they are intentionally hurting you, you need to let them go. This will allow them time to work on themselves, in order to have a healthy relationship.
  4. Experiences. Life is full of excitement and adventures that should make you happier, wiser and at peace with one’s self.  If your mate is unwilling to try new things and attempts to prevent you, then you may start to feel unhappy in your relationship. Your mate should understand and be respectful of your interests/hobbies at all times.
  5. Personality.  Your personality is who you are and the right mate will love you for being you. Compromise is normal and healthy, but never be with someone who tries to change your personality – this is a clear indicator that they don’t love you for you.
  6. Family and friends. In the beginning of your relationship, you are both infatuated and can’t stay away from one another.  However, as time goes on, if you realize that you never or rarely see your family or friends, this could be a sign of possessive behavior.  In order to have a healthy relationship, it is imperative to not be too dependent on your mate.  And, know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending quality time with your family and friends.
  7. Dreams. A healthy relationship consists of two people that support each other.  At the same time, it is normal to have different dreams or aspirations, but you should encourage each other along the way.  When you are in love, you want your mate to experience your joy and happiness.  Your desires, aspirations and dreams are a huge part of who you are and it is imperative that your mate and relationship supports your dreams.

There are some values and goals in life that are just not worth giving up for a relationship. However, this doesn’t mean that you are heartless or mean, but it just indicates that your priorities are intact and you know where to draw the line and are willing to cut your losses.

This can be the best for all involved, especially in the beginning of a relationship. This is why it is so important to be honest about what you are really willing to sacrifice and why it’s not selfish to think about what you’re getting out of it. You can’t have give-and-take without take and you definitely cannot have sacrifice without getting something back from it.

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